How To Save The Marriage Alone

They are girls, we already know much before to disorders of food and especially anorexia to develop to develop. This is certainly not anything new, since this is a problem for young women for years have been. It is a particularly relevant topic in this month, but since February is the month of eating disorders of consciousness. I think we should be for the development of eating disorders continuously since before recorded in the hat and it is easier to treat effectively. As soon as deep disorders become more resistant to treatment and prognosis rooted, it's worse. Observe how come your girl. If suddenly start a: 1 cut groups2 of certain foods. ritual food strange how to cut small dry to develop your food. inventing excuses why they don't eat as you complain of stomach problems4. Perhaps often, leave the table at dinner to spit your foodAND5. Wear loose weight Lossthen to take note and consider the adoption of her daughter doctor and perhaps a therapist for a good review as soon as possible. Young women tend their hard bodies, especially if their bodies for these models are emaciated in magazines and celebrities, which compares to admire, to evaluate the often thin track. Many teens set up impossible very difficult-to-standards for themselves, which, if they are willing to put at risk their health by how to save the marriage alone participating in a very restrictive regime. It is sometimes used by dangerous behaviors such as physical activity extreme and sometimes even clean and accompanies the use of laxatives. Today, I am concerned about a new trend of rapid spread among our teenagers. I am referring to something mentioned on Web sites, glass and speak of the girl called the gap of the thigh. Seen on several web sites, viewing it as an important step forward. The thigh gap is looking for young people the space between the legs. This trend began the fashion show apparently after that in December the secret of victory. Teenager acts not only your thighs. This strange obsession is certainly fed by means such as several other trends positive and negative among young people. I am afraid that our girls should concentrate on the things of childhood and adolescence, including fun, also, develop friendships, passions and hobbies most sadly with a focus on the space between the legs. For me, as a mother and a psychologist, this concentration seems to have the gap between the sexual pleasure of the thighs. As parents, we not only should, but you have to talk to our girls, this new trend, and how does it with the development of self-esteem and healthy. And that is what we want for our young girls?Please talk to daughters of this new trend and share your opinions to listen to. As you know speak a little can go a long way. .